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'Outlander': Tobias Menzies on Black Jack's Sadism, "Twisted" Affair With Violence Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall? I’m really happy with where it ended up. It gave us the time to

Apr 28, 2015 ... 'Outlander's' Diana Gabaldon clarifies Black Jack Randall's sexual .... as much to do with their moral fortitude as does the color of their eyes, ... Outlander: 24 Crazy Things Only Super Fans Knew About Black Jack ... Apr 15, 2019 ... According to Jamie Fraser, the “black” in his moniker actually represents the color of his soul. ... have been one twisted man if he had actually existed back then. .... But that is exactly what Black Jack Randall does with all of his ... Are Frank Randall and Jonathan 'Jack' Randall the same person? - Quora

Outlander: Does Claire Not Understand How Changing the Past Works?

Jonathan Randall, commonly known as "Black Jack", was a minor knight in England during the time of the Jacobite Rising of 1745.He played a part in quashing the rebellion, and was heavily financially supported by the Duke of Sandringham. Is Black Jack Randall Dead On 'Outlander'? His Story Isn't ... Is it possible that Black Jack Randall is still alive on ... then his early death would mean that Frank would no longer exist. ... But as devastating of a notion as Black Jack's return is, there ... 'Outlander': Tobias Menzies on Black Jack's Sadism, Jamie's ...

Outlander author clarifies Black Jack Randall sexual orientation

Jun 25, 2016 ... ... sure that Frank's existence in the 20th century remains preserved. ... Thus, he proposes that Mary marry his brother Black Jack Randall to ... He reminds Claire of the horrifying things he did to Jamie (Sam ... That's what Claire is hoping for, and so are we, or else it's going to be very hard to sleep at night.

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Jaime only has sporadic memories of what went on during the battle and at some point all of his memory is likely to return. I'm bettin' it will come back in the last book in some very dramatic fashion. I also think that it will reveal that Jaime was the one to kill Black Jack on the field. Diana Gabaldon Clarifies Black Jack Randall's Sexuality ... Diana Gabaldon took to her Facebook Page today to clarify the sexual preference of one of her characters, Black Jack Randall. Some reviews of Episode 112 have noted that Jack Randall is gay based on his behavior in the episode. Outlander Just Confirmed A Major Character Will Be Back For ... Subscribe To Outlander Just Confirmed A Major Character Will Be Back For Season 3 Updates ... Outlander Just Confirmed A Major Character Will Be Back For Season 3 ... Black Jack Randall and Frank ...

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Jonathan Randall, commonly known as "Black Jack", ... Will John Grey find out the truth about Jonathan Randall/what (really) happened to Jamie? 5 messages. 'Outlander': Tobias Menzies on Black Jack's Sadism, Jamie ... 'Outlander': Tobias Menzies on Black Jack's ... "The Garrison Commander," established the sadistic Black Jack Randall as a ... What did Black Jack want to ... Outlander: How Black Jack Randall’s Death Was Improvised ... Outlander: The Most Stunning Season 3 Premiere Moment Was Entirely Improvised. ... And the most heart-stopping moment of Black Jack Randall’s demise? Is Black Jack Randall Dead On 'Outlander'? His Story Isn't ... Has there ever been a more hateable character in all of television than Outlander 's Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall? The answer to that is simple: No. He is ...

black jack randall – TV Kills Time Outlander Character Appreciation Post: “Black Jack” Randall ..... Jamie doesn't expect her to fight back to the extent that she does, and Claire is clearly not ...... If you, like I, have trouble shopping for people that technically don't exist or their ... What the Cast of Outlander Looks Like in Real Life - Cast of Outlander ... 6 Nov 2018 ... When Heughan was cast as Jamie, Diana Gabaldon, author of the ... And yes, Randall played Frank's repulsive ancestor, Black Jack, as well. Outlander's Jack Randall isn't Gay: Coercion, Rape & Homosexuality 3 May 2015 ... But what did Randall's “Get out of jail free” offer to Jamie really reveal? ... Yes, you read that right: Black Jack's attempt to rape Jamie via coercion has no bearing on ... there is more weight on what little representation exists. Outlander Season 1 Finale Review Jamie Rape Torture - Refinery29